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The WHO Project

A two year WHO/CIHR Grant has recently been awarded to Dr. Shoo Lee, Dr. Anthony Armson and their team of 22 highly talented and successful members from across the nation.  The team members will be coming together to move forward on the strategic direction and implementation of the project.

The partnership between the WHO and Canada will move towards creating a network of focused information in regards to health and health services  provided to mothers and  their  babies  (i.e. identify trends in technology and areas of concern).  The increase in health risks for both mother and baby will be one of the main focuses of the study, specifically the  relationship between  the types of delivery, the care received immediately after delivery and health outcomes for both mother and baby.

The various relationships will be compared among the provinces of Canada and between other countries.  The information will enable us to improve and provide better care for mothers and their babies.

We look forward to the inter-provincial successes that will be forthcoming in the near future!

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